Flagler County Chair Hansen, Vice Chair Dance sit on 3 Florida Association of Counties Policy Committees

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Flagler County Board of County Commissioners Chair Greg Hansen and Vice Chair Andy Dance sit on three (total) Florida Association of Counties (FAC) policy committees.

Hansen will serve on the FAC Federal policy committee for Fiscal Year 2023-24. Each year, the committee – through the guidance of the FAC membership – develops a federal advocacy program to share with national leaders and lawmakers.

“I am very honored,” Hansen said. “I think I will really be able to make a difference, because this fits so well with my experience. I spent 16 years in Washington D.C. working on the Hill.”

Dance will serve on two policy committees: Health, Safety & Justice, his first year on this committee; and, Water & Environmental Sustainability, his third year on this committee. The Florida Association of Counties 2023 Policy Conference starts on Wednesday (September 13) and Dance will attend the meetings of both committees.

“I look forward to debating the benefits of proposed legislative policies with fellow commissioners from around the state,” Dance said, noting that collaboration is a crucial component of policy review. “We have a lot to learn from each other and from analyzing the impacts and/or benefits of proposed policy development on residents.”

The Health, Safety & Justice committee deals with public policies that encompass the following:

•           Behavioral and Mental Health

•           Healthcare and Human Services Funding

•           Healthcare and Human Services Policy

•           Emergency Medical Services

•           Law Enforcement, Juvenile Justice & Corrections

•           Substance Use Disorder Prevention and Treatment

•           Emergency Management

•           Emergency Communication

•           Judiciary – Article V

The Water & Environmental Sustainability committee deals with public policies that encompass the following:

•           Water Quality

•           Water Quantity

•           Water Infrastructure

•           Funding Issues

•           Interstate Issues

•           Waste and Pollution

•           Utilities and Energy

•           Resiliency

“The success of the association, and by extension Florida counties, relies heavily on the role played by our policy committees,” said FAC President Bill Truex. “I took careful time and consideration when choosing this year’s appointments and I am confident that each leader’s invaluable expertise will be an asset to accurately represent the diverse needs of our state.”

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By Julie Murphy

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