Flagler County Receives ‘Draft’ From Consultant of its Stormwater Master Plan Report


Flagler County is in receipt of a draft version of its Stormwater Master Plan report – more than a year and a half in the making with Geosyntec Consultants – to address all aspects of stormwater management within the unincorporated areas of the county. The focus of the study primarily centered around the assessment of frequent flooding conditions, the evaluation of pollutant sources as they affect water quality locally, and the assessment of existing stormwater infrastructure conditions.

“The last public meeting was held on July 31, but we are still gathering community feedback,” said County Administrator Heidi Petito. “We welcome input to this draft report.”

The full draft report is accessible for viewing at the Engineering Department’s Stormwater webpage at https://www.flaglercounty.gov/departments/engineering/stormwater-master-plan. Comments can be made by email to Flagler County Project Administrator Richard Zion, rzion@flaglercounty.gov, or to Cathleen Foerster at cfoerster@appliedtm.com.

The intended outcomes of the study are to develop a Stormwater Master Plan that can be implemented to address problems identified through the following: development of a stormwater-focused Capital Improvement Project program; increased drainage infrastructure maintenance; public education and outreach; and the development of strategies to accommodate future development. A Capital Improvement Project list is presented in the draft Stormwater Master Plan report that includes: conceptual projects developed to address flooding issues; improvement of water quality discharge; and upgrade of existing stormwater management facilities to be more resilient to exposure of sea level rise and more intense or frequent precipitation events.

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By Julie Murphy

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