Alan Lowe Talks Candidacy, Rumors and Citizenship


Alan Lowe sat down today on camera to talk about his candidacy and to talk about his past decision to become a Sovereign Citizen over 30 years ago. Lowe stated it was time for him to talk about all of this in a transparent and public way, so that people could focus more on the issues of Palm Coast and less on decisions made in decades past.

Lowe answering questions regarding his campaign and his past at Good Vibes Nutrition of Palm Coast

Alan Lowe talked about his business and career in Palm Coast over his 42 years of residency in Flagler County. Lowe has a company, which does handy man work throughout the county. He has worked on many buildings, both residential and commercial. Lowe’s son is in the process of taking over his business, which Lowe said would give him the time to be a full time mayor.

Lowe also talked about his decision to become a sovereign citizen, roughly 30 years ago. Lowe talked about how he had a pool construction company at the time, which was successful for a number of years. He was then told by the IRS that he was going to be audited. After the audit he was told he owed about $34,000, which led to a back and forth battle between Lowe and the IRS. Lowe explained that he felt attacked by the government, and that one of the only options during that time was to become a sovereign citizen. He explained he has since done undone the sovereign citizenship. “My thought pattern at that time 29-30 years ago was to take that power back,” Lowe explained. Lowe continued explaining to those in attendance and the camera, “that I never gave up citizenship, which is why I have an unbroken chain of passports.” He continued explaining that he is continues to pay his taxes, he has no liens on his property, and that the sovereign citizenship was removed a few years after he had put it in place.

After explaining his story, he took questions from some of the people in attendance while on camera. One of the younger attendees, asked how Lowe planned to convince residents to vote for him after his past story with the IRS and his decision to be a sovereign citizen 30 years ago. Lowe explained that he doesn’t blame someone for their caution due to his past decisions. He continued by explaining what he would do for Palm Coast; Lowe explained that he is very much for being a vote for the people. He stated his support for making cuts, forensic audits, and full transparency with the city in all of the departments. Lowe continued explaining that he believes in monthly or bi-monthly town halls, and making sure people are informed.

“We need to bring that community feel back. Did you know it is against the code to have a block party on a cul-de-sac? I think the City needs to spread themselves out from Town Center and let the residents experience things,” Lowe said in regards to the feel of Palm Coast.

To read about Lowe’s platform and how he plans to help Palm Coast if elected, visit his website here.

By Krys DeWind

Krys DeWind has been a Flagler County resident since 2016. She is active in her community and is always looking for ways to better it. She has a community first attitude which is one of the central founding ideals of the Flagler County Buzz.

2 thoughts on “Alan Lowe Talks Candidacy, Rumors and Citizenship

  • Donna Kahler -

    Alan needs to update his website. When you click that link, it takes you to his 2022 council run

  • Isn’t it amusing how the IRS became the villain in his little tale, conveniently forgetting he actually owed taxes to pay for the freedoms we as citizens get?

    Oh, and let’s not forget his charming little pool company that was apparently “…successful for a number of years” – successful at evading taxes perhaps? Or maybe so successful that it left him bankrupt and scrambling to keep his house? From where I’m standing, this guy’s overflowing with BS. But the cherry on top of this dumpster fire of a persona? His nauseating ‘wrapped in the American flag’ routine. Did he serve his country? Ha, as if. Did he finally pay his dues like a responsible citizen? Nope, they had to seize his house just to settle his debts. Classic douchebag.

    Ed Danko was right to dump you.

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