FCSO Presents Great Kid Awards


Three exceptional students who attend Flagler Schools received Sheriff Rick Staly’s “Great Kid Award.” Commander Jennifer Nawrocki of the Youth Services Section presented the first award at Wadsworth Elementary School on Thursday, May 2. Chief of Investigative Services Division, David Williams presented awards at Buddy Taylor Middle School and Matanzas High School on Monday, May 8.

The “Great Kid” Award is presented every month during the school year to students who respect their peers, help others, work hard in academics, and represent themselves and their school well. The recipients are nominated by FCSO’s School Resource Deputies and school employees.

“What an awesome way to close out the school year, by recognizing students who consistently demonstrate positive behavior and good citizenship in their schools,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “We created the Great Kid Award so we can recognize and honor kids like these who make the right decisions and set a good example for their peers. Congratulations to these great kids!”

Below is a summary of each student and why they received the Great Kid Award.

Katalina Martz

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office recognizes Katalina Martz for her positive attitude and leadership skills.  She is an enthusiastic student who provides guidance to others and cares about the safety of her fellow students. Katalina is an exceptional student who makes good choices.  She is worthy of receiving this recognition and we are lucky to have such an outstanding young lady as part of our school family!


Francesco Novello

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office recognizes Francesco Novello for his positive demeanor and for showing respect to all teachers and students alike. He’s dependable, hard-working, and always determined to succeed and sets a great example for his peers to follow. He exemplifies the true personality traits of a “Great Kid.” We are lucky to have him as part of our school family!



Adrian Szarwacki

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office recognizes Adrian Szarwacki for his dedication and leadership qualities.  He is a motivated tenth grade student who is hard working and respectful. He is an active JROTC member and takes great pride in the appearance of his uniform and duties. He has been described by his teachers as very intelligent and diligent with his work product. We are proud to have him as part of our Pirate family!


By Jeremy Jarvis

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