Deputies, Bomb Squad Respond to Suspicious Incident at 20 Blare Drive

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On August 23, 2023, around 1:50pm, Flagler County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to 20 Blare Drive, the location of a shooting homicide last week, to a suspicious incident. A family member was inside the residence sorting through items when the family member came across a trunk that they believed possibly contained live explosives devices.

The family member contacted an FCSO detective who they had been in contact with during the homicide investigation. The detective then initiated the process of coordinating the law enforcement response to ensure the community remained safe as the contents of the trunk were investigated.

The Community Policing Division, Investigative Services Division, and the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad responded to the residence. Residences on Blare Drive and Black Bear Lane immediately surrounding 20 Blare Drive were evacuated. An emergency alert was sent to residents in the area to alert them of the situation and school transportation was notified to not drop off students in the affected area.

After several hours of work by the SJSO Bomb Technicians within the residence, the trunk was determined to not contain any explosive or destructive devices. A large amount of ammunition was found in the truck as well as other miscellaneous items. The area was reopened to residents around 7:45pm.

“We sincerely appreciate the community’s patience as this was an extended incident that affected parents and children getting to and from their homes after school yesterday,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “When there are allegations of possible explosives these cases take a long time to resolve for the safety of first responders, bomb technicians, and nearby residents. We are glad that this incident ended safely, and that the neighborhood can feel safer knowing there are no explosives in this home. Thank you to the St. John’s County Sheriff’s Office Bomb Squad for their continued assistance.”

By Kim Hunt

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