Avast, ye scallywags of commerce! Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure like no other as the Seawolf Privaterrs extend a hearty invitation to all businesses and groups! Join them for a spine-tingling, swashbuckling celebration that’s sure to shiver the timbers of foster and displaced children and their families.

Introducing the Pirate BOOty Bash! Step into a world of wonder as they transform their venue into a treasure-filled pirate cove, and they need your buccaneering spirit to make it truly legendary. They’re on the hunt for fearless businesses and groups to host their very own Halloween-themed tents, each offering a unique, hair-raising experience for young adventurers.

Picture this: Kids navigating through eerie “rooms,” gathering treasures, and collecting candy as they embark on a trick-or-treating journey like no other. But that’s not all, landlubbers! This heartwarming event takes place indoors, ensuring a safe and cozy haven for these wonderful families. As they revel in the Halloween spirit, they’ll also enjoy a sumptuous dinner and a sea of entertainment to keep spirits high!

For more information, set your course to seawolfprivateers.org or contact them directly at seawolfprivateersfl@gmail.org. Join them in making this Halloween unforgettable for these deserving kids and create memories that will last a lifetime! Do you know someone that is caring for a foster or displaced child and looking for support and fun? Meet Seawolf Privateers! They are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization located in Flagler County. The Seawolf Privateers are dedicated to helping local foster and displaced children.

What makes them special? They transform into pirates and mermaids to create a magical world for these extraordinary children. The kids feel safe, cherished, and part of something bigger. Their talented entertainers ensure an unforgettable experience where kids can be themselves and let their imaginations run wild. Be sure to share their name so these caring families will not miss their exciting events. Making a difference, one pirate and mermaid adventure at a time!