Palm Coast Doula Delivers Baby in Car While On Route to Hospital

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Tabatha Seppala, a Palm Coast resident since 2021, had the joy of helping deliver a baby on route to the hospital. Tabatha states she has always had the dream of becoming a midwife, and ultimately wants to open a birth center here in Flagler County.  Currently Tabatha, while working with The Doula Network, African American Entrepreneurs Association, Alpha Women’s Center, The Oopsie Project of Volusia County and The Intuitive Living Institute, she formed Delamere Wellness LLC, which helps create birth resources specifically for Flagler County Women.

Because of these connections, she was able to be connected to I’sis Maurice. I’sis is a first time mother and has a protein deficiency which increases her risks and is considered a high risk pregnancy. Tabatha is a little more experienced than a typical doula as she is certified as as a Birth Arts International Certified Midwife Assistant and has been working for years as a doula and a midwife assistant.

Sunday morning, Tabatha recalled, started off with coffee and a phone call from I’sis with some cramps and other minor symptoms. Tabatha then ran through the typical and important questions to determine if I’sis was in labor or not. Tabatha determined from the answers that I’sis is not in labor, but decided to stop by and visit with her to give her some piece of mind. I’sis was only 36 weeks along and still had another month to go.

Upon arriving at the couples home in the E-section of Palm Coast, Tabatha found the door unlocked and she was called into the bedroom where I’sis was laying on her side in bed. Upon an in person evaluation, Tabatha was able to determine that I’sis was most definitely in labor, and started the process of getting I’sis and her husband to the hospital in St. Augustine.  Anthony, I’sis’ husband, realizes that he has needs gas to make it to the hospital in St. Augustine, and heads out to get gas and meet Tabatha, who drove I’sis in her personal vehicle, at the hospital.

Two miles from the intersection of US-1 and 206 I’sis can hold off no longer. The baby was coming and there was no waiting until they got to the hospital. Tabatha pulled off and threw her hazards on, and rushes over to the passenger side of the car where I’sis was. A bystander came running up and when informed of the situation, said that his wife is a nurse who was able and willing to step up and help. With the help of Shanda Ann Northrup they were able to get gloves from the Circle K across the street and get EMS notified of the situation. At this point with EMS on the way, Anthony was able to catch up with them and pull off to the side of the road where Tabatha and I’sis were.

With EMS in the distance, I’sis delivered her 36 week baby boy into Tabatha’s arms right there on the side of US-1. Shanda brought a beach towel to wrap the baby, Akovi, up with, while Anthony is standing by with relief and joy on his face. At this point EMS is now on the scene and able to take over as soon as the cord is cut. EMS provided the necessary tools to cut the cord and get mom and baby ready to transfer to the hospital. Tabatha was able to hold baby Akovi the entire ride to the hospital while EMS checked over I’sis. Tabatha was able to give a full report to both EMS and the Labor and Delivery team at the hospital.

Tabatha relays that this birth was anything but miraculous. This was a pre-term baby born to a mother who had high risk issues, and the outcome could have been dire or even fatal. However, this little baby boy, Akovi, are in perfect health and are expected home on Thursday. Akovi was born weighing in at 5 lbs 11 ounces.

Tabatha stated, “I have NEVER seen a woman remain so graceful and strong in such a high stress situation. I’sis Maurice is my new sHERo and NOBODY can take from her the feat she accomplished on a hot FL day on US1. You’re a rockstar.I was so honored to share this experience with this family. This was an affirmation that I am on the right path. For the family, there was peace in the chaos. For the community, it showed how a village is all a woman needs. Sunday was a win, and I am still riding this birth high!Thank you to everyone that was there to help bring this baby into the world surrounded by calm, peace, and joy. Thank you to our first responders. Thank all the angels among us for such a perfect outcome.Please share this extraordinary story, and if you would like to help Delamere Wellness set up a fund to get this little guy some preemie clothes until he fills out a little, donate clothes, diapers, wipes, and maybe auto detailing services, send me a pm to get this little family settled into their home. Let’s shower this family with love and show them what a village of love and support looks like!”



By Krys DeWind

Krys DeWind has been a Flagler County resident since 2016. She is active in her community and is always looking for ways to better it. She has a community first attitude which is one of the central founding ideals of the Flagler County Buzz.

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