Beachfront Grille Owner Jamie Bourdeau Announces ‘Here’s the Update, We’re Here to Stay’

Last week, Beach Front Grille owner Jamie Bourdeau announced that he was attempting to purchase Beach Front Grille via a Facebook post which read:

Hello Beach Front Nation! This is a tough conversation to have. But, we’ve been friends a long time and you’ve accepted us into your daily lives. Last June, we entered into a mediated agreement to buy BF for $2.25 million with a closing date of 1/31/24. At the moment we have secured about $1.7 million, just a little bit short of the needed funds to close. There have been and will continue to be heavy negotiations, texts and phone calls over the weekend to cross the finish line before Wednesday. If we do get it done, then no problem! If we don’t get it done, then we hand over the keys and enjoy the memories we have had on what could be our final weekend!

We will have a better understanding on Monday. Right now I’d say, 50/50. Yet still the eternal optimist. Our staff is our biggest concern. There is room for a few at The Landing Strip and at Loopers but they are already fully staffed. I get a lot of accolades about the BF. What I will tell you is what I tell everyone, “that we have a great staff and great regulars”!!They have been wonderful and will need to get to work. Please pass this along to the other restaurateurs that you know. We are also working out details to move the bigger events just in case. Super Bowl, St Patrick’s Day and the Golf Outing to the Landing Strip. Smaller group parties we will try to get to Loopers. It is with a heavy heart that I share this with you but I’d rather face this head on then run and hide like the Colts leaving Baltimore. We’ve had a great relationship all these years and I’d rather be transparent with you than to hear it from someone with half truths, spin and innuendo. We will update you on Monday! With good news hopefully!! Thanks for all the fun!  – Jamie

On February 1, Jamie made an announcement via a live video, “Here’s the update, we’re here to stay. We couldn’t have done it without all the great support from our Flagler Beach community and all our great friends, the heartwarming texts, emails and phone calls to me and the staff. Everybody that came in here was awesome. We appreciate it, and I’m going to try and answer everybody back that personally if I can. We had people that were offering to give us money, which we didn’t really need, we appreciate that. What we really needed was time. The lawyers were able to work that out we finally got over the goal line as crazy as it sounds at 11 o’clock today.”

By Flagler County Buzz

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