On January 25, 2024, deputies responded to a reported stabbing in Palm Coast’s B section. The suspect, described as a white male with curly hair, had reportedly attacked a man with a knife, then fled the scene in a black Jeep.

Deputies located the vehicle matching the description and conducted a high-risk traffic stop at Belle Terre and Pine Lakes Parkways. The driver of the vehicle also matched the description of the suspect. The suspect was later identified as Eric Galdabini, 56, of Palm Coast.

Through investigative means, deputies determined that Galdabini, while driving on Barrister Lane had driven passed a female walking several yards behind a male. He asked the female to get into his car while circling the area several times where she was walking, which she refused. On the last attempt, the couple both told Galdabini to leave them alone, but he then drove past the couple, parked his vehicle on the shoulder, then sprinted towards them with closed fists. An altercation ensued between the two males and Galdabini pulled out a knife and slashed the victim several times and attempted to chase him, before finally returning to his vehicle and fleeing the area. The wounds he inflicted on the victim were not life-threatening and the victim was treated on-scene by Flagler County Fire-Rescue.



Galdabini was detained and gave conflicting statements about the incident but told deputies the knife used in the attack was still in his vehicle and gave consent for the deputies to retrieve it. However, surveillance video from nearby homes verified the victim’s account and Galdabini was arrested for Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon and is currently being held at the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility on $40,000 bond. He was previously convicted of Battery in Volusia County in 2010.

“Typically, when we receive a call of this nature, the victim is an acquaintance or knows their attacker in some way. In this case, the attack was completely random,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “Fortunately, the victim didn’t suffer serious injuries. Deputies quickly located the suspect and he is back where he belongs, in the Green Roof Inn.”