Local Business Owner Learns Her Medical Training Classes Helped to Save a Life in Palm Coast


Lauren Ramirez, owner of Salus Medical Training LLC, offers classes and certifications in many basic life saving medical practices including CPR, AED, and in Narcan training. Earlier this month, she was informed that one of her prior medical camp students who wishes to remain anonymous, was able to use that training to save the life of a stranger with Narcan.

Lauren’s student reached out to share the experience with her via text message. “I saved a stranger’s life last night,” she started. “We were at the laundry mat washing a large blanket. I was sitting in the van waiting for my husband to get it out of the dryer so we could head home. He came out and scared me. I jumped and yelled at him for it. He told me if that scared me I should wait until I saw that guy laid out over by the laundry mat. As we were pulling away I saw this person with two people around him but not helping. I jumped out, asking if anyone checked to see if he was breathing and had a pulse. I checked for his pulse as someone else called 911. He had a slow pulse but was non-responsive,” she said in a string of texts to Lauren.

The anonymous hero continued, “The owner of the smoke shop came out and said he had Narcan but didn’t know how to use it. He gave it to me and I administered one dose with no changes. He had one last dose, which he brought to me, and I administered the second dose and started to tap him to wake up; he began to open his eyes and arouse. Everyone kept thanking me for being brave enough to approach a stranger in distress and help. I owe it all to you Lauren!” The anonymous person continued by asking Lauren to drop off more Narcan to the smoke shop since she knew they were out.

Because of Lauren’s desire to offer training to anyone interested, she was able to equip someone else with the knowledge and the skills to go out and save lives. Because of this anonymous student of Lauren’s, a scary and potentially horrific incident had a positive outcome.

By Krys DeWind

Krys DeWind has been a Flagler County resident since 2016. She is active in her community and is always looking for ways to better it. She has a community first attitude which is one of the central founding ideals of the Flagler County Buzz.

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