FCSO Shuts Down Drug Trafficking Operation in Palm Coast’s P Section


CASE UPDATE January 9, 2024:

Stephanie Raimundo, 47, and Charles Brockhaus, 52, now face more than 25 years in prison after all the narcotics found in the search warrant served last week at 77 Unit A, Plainview Dr. in Palm Coast have been tested and analyzed.

During the execution of the search warrant, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit (SIU) recovered 41.93 grams of fentanyl, 50.12 grams of methamphetamine, 1.92 grams of cocaine, 12.84 grams of marijuana, 2.51 grams of oxycodone, 9.08 grams of hydrocodone, 0.13 grams of alprazolam, seven film strips of buprenorphine, drug paraphernalia, and $4,995 in cash.

Both individuals are charged with Trafficking in Fentanyl (28g or More), which carries a minimum sentence of 25 years; Trafficking in Methamphetamine (14–28g), which carries a minimum sentence of three years; Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Sell, Manufacture, or Deliver; Possession of Oxycodone; Possession of Hydrocodone; Possession of Buprenorphine; Possession of Alprazolam; Possession of Marijuana (20g or Less); and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

“These two poison peddlers could have killed over 20,000 people selling their poison,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “They are finished trafficking deadly poison in our community. Our Special Investigations Unit has been working around the clock to clean up Flagler County from poison peddlers like these and they won’t stop. They are working to save lives from people like this who just want to make a buck even if it kills someone in an overdose. I hope they don’t see the outside of a prison cell for a long time.”


On Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024, at approximately 8:53 p.m., Flagler County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit, with the assistance of the SWAT Team, served a search warrant at the home of Stephanie Raimundo and Charles Brockhaus, located at 77-A Plainview Drive in Palm Coast.  The search warrant was a culmination of a nearly two-month long investigation into ongoing drug distribution from this residence.


As Raimundo and Brockhaus became aware of the presence of deputies, Raimundo attempted to destroy a large quantity of illegal narcotics by flushing them down the toilet. However, the destruction was prevented by deputies serving the search warrant. Detectives recovered Trafficking levels of Fentanyl, along with several other types of illegal narcotics and paraphernalia from the residence. SIU Detectives are still in the process of analyzing the quantity and content of the seized items.

“Poison peddlers, like these two, are quickly learning they cannot operate in this county,” Sheriff Rick Staly said. “We are here to shut them down for good. I commend the investigative efforts of our narcotics team and the outstanding professionalism of our SWAT team for serving a high-risk search warrant safely. If you are a poison peddler in Flagler County, I suggest you leave now before our SWAT team visits you next.”

Based on the narcotics recovered during the search warrant, Stephanie Raimundo, 47 was arrested for Trafficking in Fentanyl (4-14 grams) and Tampering with Evidence.  She is currently being held without bond pending a pre-trial hearing which is a result of a new 2024 law which defines Trafficking in Fentanyl as a violent crime.

Additional charges are pending based on the continued investigation by the SIU.

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