Seminole Woods Development Rezoning Sparks Public Outcry Over Multi-Family Housing Potential

View of trees where a development is set to be placed

It is easily noted at most City meetings, that the public is not happy with the seemingly non-stop rezoning of multiple development projects to include multi-family housing options like apartment complexes in single family residential neighborhoods. We were able to sit down an interview a Seminole Woods resident, Joy, who spoke in depth about her interactions not just with the city but with the developers and how her and her neighbors feel about the development changes.

Joy moved here back in 2004 during the initial growth spurt. She said, “You expect growth, but not at this level.” She went on to explain that she, along with other residents, feel that the developers don’t care at all about the impacts their developments make on existing residents. “We are fighting for our quality of life. We are going to be living here for the rest of our lives, and the developers are going to leave once they are done. We are fine with the single family homes, but not the apartment complexes in here with the single family homes.” Joy said during her explanation of the issue with the rezoning of this development. Joy explained that slow growth is ideal, and that many residents have shared the same sentiment in multiple public forums, including the Imagine 2050 event the city hosted.

Joy said her background in real estate has helped her understand that this level of growth is going to cause issues, similar to what happened years ago when the market crashed during the initial growth spurt Palm Coast had in the early to late 2000’s. Joy said, “I don’t want to see even the developers or our contractors have to default on their loans because the market falls.” She continued on that she is bothered by the fact that the overdevelopment of the area could easily lead to another housing crash as this area saw previously.

Switching gears, we wanted to hear what Joy and her fellow residents would like to see being prioritized instead of the new developments. “Swales, during the last rain we had, our road was a river and we had standing water in our swales and yards for a week. Our roads are starting to crumble, and I think our water will take a hit next with how much is being added and expanded. I really think it’s too much too soon.” Joy continued on saying that when they make the new developments they keep saying that they are going to be adding retention ponds, but she said her and many others feel like they are going to be forgotten for the new developments and this westward expansion.

We asked Joy what she would like to say to the City Council, “Stop doing this to single family communities. We moved here for the single family communities, stop doing this to us,” Joy continued, “Look at the faces you are doing this too. Look at the people who have been here so long. Worry about the people here in the community, not the people who might move here. You were voted in to to take care of us, the residents and a lot of people feel abandoned by you guys.”

View of trees where a development is set to be placed
View from Joy’s Backyard where the proposed Seminole Woods rezoning project will be.

This development will sit right across the main road of Seminole Woods from many of these single family homes. Joy, as well as other residents, have voiced their concerns and their disapproval of the subject, due to not wanting apartment complexes in their backyard view.

By Krys DeWind

Krys DeWind has been a Flagler County resident since 2016. She is active in her community and is always looking for ways to better it. She has a community first attitude which is one of the central founding ideals of the Flagler County Buzz.

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