Tuesday, September 26th at 3pm, in the Flagler County EOC building, the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee (AHAC) held their monthly meeting. AHAC is an committee made up of appointed members of the public, like Valerie Clymer – a mortgage specialist, BOCC Commissioner Andy Dance, Palm Coast City Council member Cathy Heighter, Flagler Beach Commissioner Rick Belhumeur, and 4 others.

During this public meeting, the committee discussed different subjects that are integral to their Annual Affordable Housing 2023 Incentive Report. This report is put together by the committee and presented to the BOCC. In the report it discusses the changes and incentives for developers who agree to build affordable housing.

The committee discussed plans to help them monitor whether their recommendations are being implemented and how those implementations are progressing.

Multiple members discussed the importance of the Live Local Act, and how there are parts of the act that have not been implemented yet by the state, which will require the committee to keep a close on the act and changes that are made to it over the next year.

The committee did state that there will be a public meeting discussing the 2023 Incentive Report on November 14th at 3pm, at the Flagler County EOC Building. There will also be two meetings, also public, that will happen before that public meeting in November. The public is always welcome to attend these committee meetings, as they are all public meetings.