Flagler School Board held their afternoon informational workshop followed by their evening board meeting. Reports were presented on the district’s strategic plan goals, including academics, student performance by subgroups, resilience and well-being initiatives, talent management, operational efficiency, and communications efforts. Key updates were provided by staff members responsible for each goal area.

Public residents showed up to the workshop, as well as the meeting to evening meeting to speak out about their desire to see the Belle Terre Swim and Racquet Club remain open. The workshop discussion covered a large debate about the pros and cons of keeping the pool open, including the revenue loss the school board would see if the pool remained open, and the potential fall back they could receive from insurance companies that pay for membership for their insured members should the pool close.

During the school board meeting the discussion about the Belle Terre Swim and Racquet club continued with an emphasis on phasing out the pool and gym, allowing current memberships to run out, or until the insurance companies and the school board could reach a termination agreement. The discussion centered around the project loss for this fiscal year of $176,000. There was talk of closing the pool to the public and only using it as an investment for the school district; according to some on the school board this would turn that “loss” into an investment into the students. Another point that was brought up was that Palm Coast should be contributing to the pool operating costs, as many of the users are Palm Coast residents.

The motion was made to close the pool to the public by June 30th, 2024; the end of the fiscal year and to close the gym after memberships are phased out. The motion was seconded, and the vote to close the pool by June 30th, and the gym by the end of 2024 was passed 3-2.