Meet Bernadette, a resident at Tuscan Gardens Assisted Living Facility. Bernadette is an engaging, happy and caring woman who agreed to share her story with me.

Bernadette was a teacher. She taught elementary school for 37 years. When Bernadette was little her and her friends played school together, that was when she knew she wanted to be a teacher. She taught in Kingston, New York.

She said, “I started teaching the first grade; all the kids wear respectful and nice but when I started teaching sixth grade and they were not that interested in learning so I had to do fun games. I had to find ways to make them interested in learning.” The best part of her job was working with children.

As a child she grew up with 7 sisters and she said that here sisters would always help out the younger ones she was the youngest. Bernadette is currently an ambassador at Tuscan Gardens Assisted Living Facility, so she introduces everyone who is new to the senior home. She also mentioned her favorite part about living there is that there are people and when she wants to talk she can go out of her room and talk and when she doesn’t wanna talk she will go to her room and close the door.