Palm Coast – In honor of Black History Month, Palm Coast proudly recognizes the remarkable contributions of Bettie Eubanks, a highly regarded local artist whose vibrant paintings not only capture the essence of her roles as a wife, mother, daughter, and friend but also serve as a testament to her artistic prowess and commitment to community enrichment.

Bettie Eubanks’ artwork has garnered acclaim, with her vibrant and expressive paintings featured in prestigious national exhibitions. Her pieces, rich with symbolism and personal narratives, have captivated private collectors and corporations alike, further solidifying her place as a distinguished artist.

One notable local contribution by Eubanks is “Quilty,” the sixth turtle added to the Turtle Trail organized by the Palm Coast Arts Foundation. Unfortunately, in 2022, Quilty was stolen from Grand Haven’s Creekside Park and has not yet been recovered. Through her art, Eubanks has not only left a mark on the local landscape but has also contributed to the community’s cultural identity.

Beyond her artistic success, Bettie Eubanks remains dedicated to serving her local community. Whether through her roles as a teacher or her involvement in various philanthropic efforts, Eubanks exemplifies the spirit of giving back. Her commitment to nurturing the next generation of artists and actively participating in community initiatives underscores the importance of art as a catalyst for positive change.

As Black History Month unfolds, Palm Coast celebrates Bettie Eubanks as a shining example of artistic excellence and community advocacy. Her vibrant paintings and dedication to enriching the local cultural scene serve as an inspiration for all, emphasizing the significant impact individuals can make within their communities.

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