Prime Corrections recognized Sheriff Rick Staly and the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office for being the top saver of taxpayer money during the Winter meeting of the Florida Sheriff’s Association (FSA) for saving taxpayers $1.15 million in inmate medical costs in 2023.

Unlike the Florida Department of Corrections and Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, county jails are not guaranteed any caps on inmate medical costs, such as Medicare rates. To address this issue, FCSO and the Flagler County Board of County Commissioners partnered with FSA and Prime Corrections in March of 2022 to take advantage of their Offsite Inmate Medical Savings Program. Prime Corrections negotiate reduced rates for inmate medical care. Prior to this, Flagler County paid all bills received for inmate medical care.

Through this program, Prime Corrections reviews each bill for issues such as unauthorized or inappropriate services, incomplete claims, duplicate claims, invalid or excessive codes, and bundled charges. They then apply a pre-negotiated discount or negotiate the individual bill directly with the provider. There is no cost to FCSO or Flagler County for the program unless savings are received. Prime Corrections receives a percentage of the savings they obtain as payment for their services.

“We are always looking for programs and grants that save our residents money and this program has proven to be a tremendous benefit for our taxpayers,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “Most of our inmates do not have healthcare and had unhealthy lifestyles before being arrested. This partnership has enabled our award-winning detention facility to meet the medical needs of our inmates while significantly reducing costs to our taxpayers.”