It’s personal. Flagler County beaches mean something to everyone, and now is the time to speak up.

It is for that reason that the Flagler County Board of County Commissioners asks its residents and businesses to take the short and confidential survey that will be sent countywide on February 12 through a text messaging system. While the text message will contain the Flagler County logo, the text message will be sent by the consulting firm PFM Advisors on behalf of the county.

“It is critical that we get input from our residents across the county,” said Commission Chair Andy Dance. “We need to know from everyone how you use the beaches, and the value that you place on them.”

The big question to answer is this: How do you feel about a Beach Nourishment Program to maintain the beaches in Flagler County?

The February 12 text message will look approximately like this with a link and working phone number:



It is not click bait. Please do not delete the text message, but rather respond to the link so that Flagler County will be provided with everyone’s invaluable input.

All residents and businesses are not only invited to participate but encouraged to do so. In the event the text message is missed or not received, the survey is available at or by scanning this QR code: