Real Time Crime Center Supervisor Nikki North Elected President of National Real Time Crime Center Association

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Supervisor of the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) Nikki North was recently elected President of the National Real Time Crime Center Association (NRTCCA). Supervisor North had previously served as the Administrative Vice President of the NRTCCA since the founding of the organization in March of 2022.

North is excited for her new position and is proud of being one of the founding members. She says her role in NRTCCA truly helps her better serve the Flagler County community.

“It’s been a unique experience to be a part of the association since its initiation,” said North.  “It’s definitely a great networking opportunity, so when we are in a pinch in a real time incident locally, I have contacts all across the country.”

One such capability she’s been able to share with her peers and colleagues in the NRTCCA is the capabilities FCSO has within the RTCC to view traffic cameras within the city and county to help monitor and prevent crimes in real time.

Sheriff Staly recognizes the importance of North’s role in and the RTCC his goal of increasing cutting-edge technology in an effort to reduce, solve and prevent crime in Flagler County.

“I’m extremely proud of Nikki for being elected as President of the National Real Time Crime Center Association,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “She’s a dedicated member of our FCSO team and sets the standard for excellence in leading a Real Time Crime Center and how they play an intricate role in both solving and preventing crime. Her success in her field reflects the passion, commitment and the dedication she has to our community. This is an honor for our Agency and the community should be proud knowing they are being served locally by national leaders in their field.”

Nikki North Portrait
Nikki North Portrait

While attending the Florida Law Enforcement Analyst Academy in 2021, North wrote a paper on FCSO’s RTCC and its capabilities, which helped spur the creation of the NRTCCA. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, the goal of the association is to become a collaborative advocacy and information group for all real time crime centers to interact with, use as a resource for best practices and equipment reviews, and be the foundation of suggested policies and procedures for efficient and effective real time crime center operations. The Board of Directors consists of members from various states across the country.

Sheriff Staly also serves as a police leadership advisor to the NRTCCA.

Learn more about the NRTCCA at:

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