Buddy Taylor Middle School recently collaborated with the City of Palm Coast to address concerns at its intersection regarding traffic. Following reports from school officials about issues with the traffic signal, the City’s Traffic Division team promptly investigated the matter.

Upon inspection, it was discovered that an electrical surge had affected the traffic signal cabinet at Buddy Taylor Middle School, causing intermittent failures in several traffic signal detector amplifiers. The City’s traffic team was able to resolve these issues ensuring smoother traffic flow and enhanced safety measures.

Following observations and feedback, adjustments were made to the pedestrian crossing, exclusively serving pedestrians and enabling school crossing guards to effectively manage traffic during student crossings.

Additionally, traffic signal changes, including allowing left turns while prioritizing pedestrian safety, have been implemented. These improvements not only benefit the school but also enhance traffic conditions along Belle Terre Parkway, reducing congestion during peak school hours.

The City of Palm Coast remains dedicated to improving traffic management and safety. Recent enhancements on city-operated corridors and traffic signals like this signify our ongoing commitment to ensuring smoother and safer traffic flow throughout Palm Coast.