Flagler County Emergency Management is tracking a weather system that is expected to impact the county over the weekend.

“We are already seeing elevated winds and rough conditions along the coast in advance of this system,” said Emergency Management Director Jonathan Lord. “Throughout the weekend, we expect to see continued elevated winds with gusts in the 35-45 mph range, surf in the six- to 10-foot range, and tides running about two feet above normal.”

The current onshore winds and heavy surf that are now occurring ahead of the impending weather system will continue over the next two days, causing beach and dune erosion around high tide. Flagler County is already seeing higher tides than average due to the lunar tidal cycle, and now due to onshore winds it will be elevated even more.

“Our highest risk for strong-to-severe storms is Saturday evening with heavy rains, strong winds, and the potential for isolated tornados as the storms pass through,” Lord said. “The National Weather Service categorizes our risk for the stronger storms as marginal. Additionally, due to the elevated tides, there is a risk for some tidal flooding along the lowest areas of the Intracoastal Thursday through Saturday, as well as some likely beach erosion from this system.”

Preparedness Advice

  • Secure any lightweight objects that could be blown around by the expected gusty winds such as trash cans, small plants, lawn furniture, and holiday decorations.
  • Those organizing or attending outdoor events should be vigilant about changes to the forecast, and secure things like pop-up tents and bounce castles.
  • Those living in the lowest areas along the Intracoastal who typically experience tidal flooding may want to take extra precautions, like sandbagging. Sand and sandbags are available at Lowe’s and Home Depot, as well as some smaller local hardware stores, such as Ace.
  • Sign up for emergency notifications at www.FlaglerCounty.gov/AlertFlagler.

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