Flagler Native Darryl Boyer Talks About His Bid for Florida House of Representatives

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Darryl Boyer, a Flagler County Native, has worked as a staffer in the Florida House of Representatives and has officially decided to throw his hat in the ring as a candidate for the District 19 seat. District 19 represents all of Flagler County and Part of St. John’s.

Darryl’s background includes time in the foster system as a child due to his biological mother’s struggles with addiction and domestic abuse. Boyer spent three years being passed from foster home to foster home, while suffering from mental and physical abuse. Ultimately he was adopted by a loving family at age three, who still continue to support and love him today.

DB Campaign Logo
DB Campaign Logo

Boyer has continued on working, obtaining his master’s degree from Florida State University and serving as a former travel aide to House Speaker Paul Renner, as well as a former legislative aide for State Representative Webster Barnaby. Boyer has also made an appearance on Fox News, advocating for conservative values.

DB Fox News
DB Fox News

Boyer states, “I am a lifelong Conservative Republican.” Boyer says his choice to be a Republican is due to his Grandfather, who served two tours in Vietnam, who instilled in him at a young age, “No deposit, no return.” Boyer stated, “I believe that only in America can one have hardship and overcome it. The Republican Party doesn’t believe in victimhood, we believe in hard work and being a productive part of society.”

Boyer told us that the biggest issue he will be running on is, “Enriching Florida’s foster care system to help provide our foster children and foster families with the tools they need to thrive.” As a child who spent time in the foster system, he states this is a cause near and dear to his heart.

Boyer also talked about some of the other issues he is running on, which include:  “Cutting taxes to help provide relief to those suffering at the pump and grocery store. Empowering parents to play a more direct role in their child’s education. Investing resources directly into the classroom. Giving our first responders and law enforcement the tools they need to keep us and themselves safes. Upgrading our infrastructure to ease traffic congestion and allow for greater economic activity. Protect our environment and water quality to maintain our rich agricultural sector. Promoting economic growth that benefits all residents. Supporting our veterans and seniors.”

Dark Teal and White Minimalist Business Summit Instagram Post

We asked Boyer how he planned to handle the divide between political parties that is evident at state levels, and how he will be able to accomplish some of his goals. He told us, “I am running to serve the people. I will always put people above the politics.”

We asked Boyer what makes him stand out against those running against him for the seat; “During my time serving our state in the Florida House of Representatives as a staffer, I learned many skills that will better assist my effectiveness when serving our state. The day that I raise my right hand and swear in as the next State Representative for District 19 I will hit the ground running and ready to serve and protect our state from the woke left,” Boyer told us.

Boyer also told us he feels there needs to be more young people in the State House; “Many young leaders including myself have the energy, optimism, and eagerness to serve and learn. Those who say young people are too young to participate in our democracy are wrong. Just to name a few of our Founding Fathers in July 1776, James Monroe was 18, Aaron Burr was 20, Alexander Hamilton was 21, James Madison was 25, and Thomas Jefferson was 33. We need to ignite young people and hope they embrace the greatness of the United States of America,” said Boyer.

Lastly we asked Boyer what he planned to do if elected into office, to which he replied, “In my role as the next State Representative, I hope to collaborate with my colleagues and come up with a solution to property insurance.”

To learn more about Darryl Boyer and his campaign you can visit his website by clicking here.

By Krys DeWind

Krys DeWind has been a Flagler County resident since 2016. She is active in her community and is always looking for ways to better it. She has a community first attitude which is one of the central founding ideals of the Flagler County Buzz.

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