Flagler County Residents Band Together to Find Owner of Missing Kiteboard

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Thanks to the actions of two Flagler County residents, the owner of the missing board that washed up in front of Beach Front Grille on Labor Day has been found!

Lee Leone posted the following to several Facebook groups after finding an abandoned board near 25th Street S in Flagler Beach. “Just pulled this surfboard out of the ocean in front of the Beach Front Grille. If the board belongs to you or you know the owner of the board, please call BFG. We are all worried….please share.”

After a few days had passed and the owner had still not been found, Karen Dion shared a photo of the board and the following to the Central Florida Kiteboarding Community on Facebook. “This board was found in the ocean/beach area in South Flagler Beach on Labor Day. It appears to be a kite board. The police department has the board. Can you please share this in the kite boarding community? Praying to find the owner and that they’re ok.”

Jerry P Schumacher replied to the post, “Wow! I lost it when the wind went offshore on me last week in Juno Beach. BTW, I am fine. I had to self rescue and swim in with my kite.”

By Kim Hunt

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