19-Month-Old Boy Drowns After Falling Into Pool

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Deputy Jake Moorhead arrived at a residence on Seattle Trail in reference to a drowning on Sunday, September 3 at approximately 7:37 pm. According to witnesses on the scene, the child had been found unresponsive at the bottom of the pool. It was unclear how long the 19-month-old had been underwater.

Upon his arrival at the residence, he was advised that a male was in the back yard area on the pool deck conducting chest compressions on the 19-month-old child. The child was lying on his back near the pool stairs. Deputy Moorhead took over chest compressions while Deputy Sanders applied AED pads onto the child. Deputy Moorhead continued to perform chest compressions until Flagler County Medical Rescue arrived on scene and took over medial assistance.

Flagler County Medical Rescue continued to perform lifesaving actions and transported the child to Advent Health Medical Center. The child was pronounced deceased by ER doctors at 8:59 pm. 

Parents can be loving and careful, but tragic accidents can still happen,” added Sheriff Staly. “Our condolences and prayers go to this family for their loss. Let us stay extra vigilant around pools when children are around, and remember to use pool door alarms or fence enclosures. Most child drownings are preventable.”

By Kim Hunt

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