FCSO Arrests Man for Battering and Threatening to Kill Several People including Deputies

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The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office (FCSO) arrested Mason Fink, 19, on Tuesday night after threatening to kill his family and neighbors with a knife.

At approximately 9:52 p.m., Sheriff’s Communications received a 911 call from a home on Evanston Ln, advising that a violent domestic disturbance was occurring. The caller advised that Fink was making threats to kill everyone in the house and was armed with a kitchen knife. They also reported that Fink had pepper sprayed a victim during the altercation.

Upon deputies’ arrival, they heard loud screaming and banging coming from behind the residence. Deputy Dosio observed Fink on the back patio of a neighbor’s residence on Evans Drive, where he was attempting to break into the rear sliding glass door of the home with a metal shovel while screaming that he was going to kill the occupants of the home.

Deputy Dosio attempted to deescalate the incident verbally, but Fink would not comply and aggressively approached Deputy Dosio and demanded that Deputy Dosio shoot him. Deputy Dosio drew his agency-issued non-lethal Taser and fired at Fink to deescalate him, but the darts failed to make contact.

After seeing the Taser being deployed at him, Fink began to comply with commands and allowed Deputies to take him into custody. Fink then spit and blew mucus from his nose at Deputies while he was in custody, ultimately striking two deputies on scene with his mucus. One of the deputies also suffered a small cut to his wrist while climbing a fence to assist in Fink’s arrest.

Fink was arrested for three counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon, two counts of Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, two counts of Criminal Mischief, as well as one count of Battery, Burglary, and Assault.

Fink was transported to a local hospital and transported to the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility after being medically cleared. He is being held with no bond.

“Outstanding work by our deputies in deescalating this tense situation,” said Sheriff Rick Staly. “They followed their training and managed to get him in to custody quickly without any citizens being hurt. This is also an example of what our deputies have to deal with when trying to arrest a madman trying to hurt them and others. Now he can sit in the Green Roof Inn facing the consequences of his actions at the Green Roof Inn.”

Click here to watch video of F ink’s arrest.

By Kim Hunt

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