Meet Zoee – Flagler Warrior Fighting for Her Life Against Cancer at 15


Zoee has B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. When she first found out she had cancer she was 14 years old. She has had cancer for 8 months and is still fighting at age 15. After she has her treatments she feels tired and nauseous and sometimes just normal.

Zoee said that sometimes she finds it hard to be positive with it all, but her new puppy Chunk, and the people she has met through Live Like Cameron help her to stay strong and positive.

Her dog Chunk was donated to Zoee. Chunk helps her keep on battling her cancer. Chunk is a French bulldog. Chunk makes Zoee happy and that gives her motivation.

Live Like Camron helps her at Christmas time they get her presents she looks forward to. Live Like Camron helps Zoee make some friends and anything they need.

By Elena Hagi

Elena Hagi is a Flagler County Homeschool student who loves to be involved in the community, volunteers as a Junior Amvet Officer, as well as aspires to learn more about photography, videography and writing.

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