Flagler County releases 2023 Annual Report

annual report

Flagler County has released to the public its 2023 Annual Report following its recent presentation to the Board of County Commissioners. The 60-page document highlights the year’s achievements and the day-to-day work of more than 400 staff members – dedicated professionals – committed to enriching the quality of life to make the county an even more ideal place to live, conduct business, and visit.

“As we reflect on the achievements of Flagler County Government over the past year, I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude and pride in what we have accomplished together. I have had the privilege of working alongside and supporting our executive team, as we implement the vision and policies of the Board of County Commissioners,” said County Administrator Heidi Petito. “Together, we have reached remarkable milestones and made significant strides towards the collective goals we outlined in the Strategic Plan.”

The 2023 Annual Report focuses on countywide collaborative efforts such as: the legislative program; long-term capital planning; parks and recreational facilities planning; the state’s resiliency and vulnerability study; stormwater master planning; beach and dune management planning; emergency medical services; and, two dozen interlocal agreements with the municipalities, the School Board, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, as well as out-of-county entities, and through public-private partnerships.

It covers the structure that supports Flagler County’s core values – “Putting Flagler F.I.R.S.T.” – Fiscally Accountable, Innovative Solutions, Responsible Growth, Superior Service, and Transparent Government. It also outlines Flagler County’s Value Commitment: “Flagler County Government leverages partnerships, embraces efficiency and innovation, and requires performance for the benefit of our taxpayers. We actively engage our citizens, not only as taxpayers, but as contributors for the greater good of our community. We provide meaningful opportunities for our residents to offer their knowledge and expertise in making important decisions that will shape our community for future generations.”

There are interesting did-you-know tidbits sprinkled throughout the 2023 Annual report, like “Flagler County received $23 million in Legislative appropriations in the 2023 fiscal year!” There is also a “Budget in Brief” section that provides an overview of the $287,038,539 total budget.

Most of the document, of course, provides an at-a-glance view of 19 departments and divisions. It also highlights awards, certifications, and degrees earned by Flagler County’s engaged and empowered employees.

“We all do better together, and our strong relationships with our municipal partners and state agencies has led to more teamwork and collaboration than ever before.  With a focus on community, we have brought forward a unified voice for Flagler’s Legislative Program, held purposeful summits on long range planning and capital projects, economic development, resiliency, and the future of our community. We even held the first statewide ‘Emergency Management Collaboration Workshop’ bringing together all 67 counties with the state Division of Emergency Management,” Petito said. “Together we are focused on our infrastructure, stormwater, dune and beach renourishment, economic development, conservation lands, public safety, and providing exceptional community celebrations in Flagler County. It is a collective effort that moves our community forward, advancing a shared vision for Flagler County.”

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