On Thursday, March 7, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office apprehended an illegal immigrant who was a fugitive from­ justice with warrants on under two different names. He had also been previously deported from the U.S. multiple times.

­Just before 6 p.m., Master Deputy Gaddie performed a traffic stop on the I-95 on-ramp at Palm Coast Parkway after technology from the Real Time Crime Center indicated the tag on a gray van was reported stolen in South Carolina.

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The driver presented a Mexican ID card with the name Angel Sanchez-Hernandez, which M/D Gaddie determined to be fraudulent. Gaddie then contacted the U.S. Border Patrol and requested facial recognition on the subject using their database. His facial image suggested two names, Germán Altamirano-Hernandez and Eligio Hernandez-Sanchez, both with a date of birth three years prior to the date on the fictitious ID card.

The U.S. Marshal Service confirmed the image as Altamirano-Hernandez and that they also had issued a Nationwide Warrant for his arrest. FCSO’s Rapid ID technology identified him as Hernandez-Sanchez, a fugitive from Lee County, Florida since 2002.

During the investigation, deputies located a duffle bag in the trunk containing multiple fake IDs with various names and dates of birth. These included a Mexican passport, a U.S. Social Security card, a U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident Alien Card, and two Mexican Consular Cards issued from both California and Florida.

Altamirano-Hernandez, has had multiple U.S. deportations, was arrested for Driving Without a License, Providing a Fictitious Name While Detained, two counts of possessing Fraudulent Documents, and Petit Theft of Motor Vehicle tag. He was also arrested for the outstanding warrants, which include Driving While Licenses Suspended from Lee County, and Illegal Entry into the United States.