Frequently Asked Questions

Why wasn’t my photo published in the article/social media posts?

Short answer is image quality. We take many photos during an event, and when it comes to which photos are uploaded and published for the public to see we have a rigorous list of standards that photos must meet. We take pride in the images we post, and therefore will not publish photos that do not meet that standard of quality. Another big reason for not having photos published is because some bystanders may object to having their photo published in an article or on social media. If we are approached and asked to not publish a photo by a member of the community we do our best to honor that request. Even if your photo is a great quality photo, should a member of the community come forward and object to being published that will stop us from posting it. 

Why didn’t you include this restaurant in your food competition?

We do not choose our competitors. All competitors are nominated by the residents of Flagler County, and we do not add anyone on our own. These competitions are resident choice and resident votes only, and we respect the voice of the people. If your favorite was not nominated you are free to nominate them again next year when their month rolls back around. Our only involvement beyond hosting the event, is to ensure that each competitor is registered by the city and/our county’s business receipts as the restaurant type they were nominated for.