Overcoming Obstacles: Flagler Warrior Alaya Sets Sights on Optometry After Beating Cancer


Alaya is 15 years old loves to play volleyball, and would love to one day have a dog. Alaya was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 2; she had cancer in her eye called retinoblastoma.

She had a hard time as a kid because she could not see like everyone else did. Alaya got made fun of when she was little and she said it does not matter what other people think as long as you love yourself. She went through radiation, chemo, and even eye surgery, to beat her cancer.

Live Like Camron gave Alaya a lot more confidence because there were kids who had the same thing she had. She said it was nice having someone going through the same thing she was because she had someone her age to talk about it. Alaya likes the walks that Live Like Camron hosts; she tries to always participate in them to support the kids who still have to fight their cancer.

“Smile through it, you can do it,” Alaya said when asked what she would say to other kids going through cancer. She told us how she dreams of being an optometrist, and even has a college in Washington picked out.

The Flagler Warriors are a group of kids who have either beaten childhood cancer, or they are currently fighting childhood cancer. There are a lot of kids currently fighting cancer in Flagler County alone.

By Elena Hagi

Elena Hagi is a Flagler County Homeschool student who loves to be involved in the community, volunteers as a Junior Amvet Officer, as well as aspires to learn more about photography, videography and writing.

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