Belle Terre Elementary School’s K-Kids President Leads Donation Drive for Safe Haven Baby Box Initiative


Belle Terre Elementary School’s K-Kids president, Mia Kopcikova, led an initiative to support the Safe Haven Baby Box, a vital community resource aimed at providing a safe haven for newborns in crisis. In a heartwarming ceremony, Mia presented a generous check totaling $550 to Frank Consentino of the Flagler Palm Coast Kiwanis and the Knights of Columbus Council 10514.

The event was attended by esteemed community leaders, including Grand Knight Bob Conochalla and Knight Bryant Perszyk, as well as Flagler Palm Coast Kiwanis representative and Knight Mike McElroy. Also in attendance were Belle Terre Elementary School Principal, Mrs. Jessica DeFord, Assistant Principals Tim Ruddy and Sara Ashman, along with BTES Teacher Advisor Mrs. Nicole Massey and Assistant Mason Blair.

The dedication and compassion of the Belle Terre Elementary School community were evident as Mia Kopcikova and her fellow K-Kids members rallied together to raise funds for this important cause. Their commitment to making a positive impact on their community was met with admiration and gratitude from everyone in attendance.

The collaboration between Belle Terre Elementary School and the Flagler Palm Coast Kiwanis highlights the power of partnerships in effecting meaningful change. With support from dedicated educators, advisors, and community members, initiatives like the Safe Haven Baby Box can continue to thrive, offering hope and support to those in need.

As the ceremony came to a close, Mia Kopcikova expressed her gratitude to all who contributed to the success of the donation drive. Her words served as a reminder of the difference that can be made when communities come together for a common cause.

Through their selfless actions, Belle Terre Elementary School’s K-Kids members exemplify the true spirit of service and generosity, leaving a lasting impact on their school, their community, and the lives of those they seek to support.

By Flagler County Buzz

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