Honoring the Legacy of Mayor Joann B. King: A Tribute to Her Decades of Service to Bunnell


The City of Bunnell has announced the passing of Mayor Joann B. King, a distinguished leader and cherished member of Flagler County. Mayor King dedicated nearly two decades of her life to serving the people of Bunnell, with an incredible 15 of those years in her role as Mayor, guiding the City of Bunnell with unwavering commitment and vision.

Throughout her tenure on the Bunnell Commission, Mayor King’s leadership was instrumental in numerous initiatives aimed at enhancing the quality of life for all residents. A testament to her love for the community and her foresight in recognizing the importance of recreational spaces for the well-being of its people, in 2011, the City unveiled its newest gem, JB King Park, located at 300 Citrus Street. This dedication was a proud moment for Mayor King, who believed passionately in the value of parks as a place where people could find respite from the demands of daily life. “I love parks,” Mayor King once remarked, emphasizing her belief that “we need to have parks so everybody can get away from the rat race.”

Mayor King’s contributions extended beyond her long-standing service on the Commission. In 2013, she graciously accepted the role of Grand Marshal for the Centennial Parade, marking a special moment in Bunnell’s history and her enduring relationship with the city she loved.

Her impact on Bunnell is indelible, leaving behind a legacy of leadership characterized by love, dedication, and a vision for a community that cherishes its recreational spaces and contributions of every citizen. As we mourn the loss of Mayor Joann B. King, we extend our deepest condolences to her family. We join together in gratitude for her remarkable service and in prayer for those she leaves behind. Mayor King’s memory and achievements will forever be a part of the fabric of the city of Bunnell, inspiring future generations to serve with the same compassion and commitment that she exemplified.

By Flagler County Buzz

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