Flagler Warrior Allen Roberson Talks About His Battle with Childhood Cancer


When Allen Roberson first got got cancer he had only been 16 for two months. He had brain cancer in the middle of his brain. When he got diagnosed with cancer he was in shock he did not really wanna believe he had cancer.

When you have cancer “you have to enjoy the small moments in life if he thought of were would I be in 5 years you have to stay positive” Is what Allen what telling me.

Live Like Camron helped Allen and his family with paying some bills and brought Alan some toys, blankets and fun baskets. When he finished his battle with cancer he said he felt so grateful and they never knew the treatment was going to work. There is a 50/50 chance the treatment wouldn’t work; he said, “I felt like a champion.”

He tries to be a role model and if Live Like Camron wants he to advertise something he just does it. He tries to show the other kids you can still complete your goals.

By Elena Hagi

Elena Hagi is a Flagler County Homeschool student who loves to be involved in the community, volunteers as a Junior Amvet Officer, as well as aspires to learn more about photography, videography and writing.

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