Flagler County Board of County Commissioners Meeting Held on February 19

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The Flagler County Board of County Commissioners held a meeting on February 19, 2024. The gathering commenced with the recitation of the pledge, followed by a moment of silence, and recognition of first responders and military personnel, thanking them for their valuable service to the community.

As the meeting unfolded, adjustments to the agenda were made, notably the appointment of Stephen Civitelli as the new administrator of the Florida Department of Health in Flagler. Moreover, Mr. Civitelli was designated as the Flagler representative to the Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida, a motion that garnered unanimous consent from the commissioners, indicative of their collective endorsement.

Chair announcements shed light on vacancies across various county boards, urging community members to consider stepping forward and contributing to local governance. Additionally, forthcoming Commission meetings and workshops were highlighted, emphasizing ongoing opportunities for civic engagement and participation.

The meeting proceeded with a significant focus on recognition and proclamations, particularly in honor of Black History Month. Representatives from esteemed organizations like the NAACP and the African American Mentor Program graced the occasion, bearing witness to a proclamation that celebrated the profound contributions of African Americans to the fabric of society, with a specific call for observance in Flagler County.

The sentiment was echoed by Mr. John Winston, who spoke eloquently on behalf of the African American community, expressing gratitude for the acknowledgment and advocating for inclusivity and recognition of all societal contributions. The commissioners unanimously approved the proclamation for Black History Month, extending appreciation to attendees for their unwavering dedication and service.

Commissioner O’Brien, in a gesture of gratitude, thanked attendees for their presence and contributions, emphasizing the principles of inclusivity and unity. Furthermore, a proclamation for Flagler Reads Together in March 2024 was announced, encouraging community engagement with Mitch Albom’s novel “The Little Liar,” which delves into the historical narrative of World War II and the Holocaust in Greece.

The meeting also honored the commendable efforts of Master Gardeners in Flagler County, designating March 2024 as Master Gardener Month. Commissioner Hanson read the proclamation, acknowledging the volunteers’ steadfast commitment to horticultural education and environmental stewardship, a sentiment echoed by Winnie Wilbur, Florida State Master Gardener Coordinator.

The Flagler County Rotary Club presented awards for the Holiday Parade, with Flagler County clinching the Most Creative Float category, a testament to the community’s spirit and engagement in celebratory events.

A noteworthy announcement was made regarding an upcoming event at the airport—a 5K run themed “Run, Walk, or Crawl” for a cause, promising medals and t-shirts for the first 500 registrants, further exemplifying the county’s commitment to fostering community involvement and healthy lifestyles.

During the public comment period, community members were invited to address the commission on consent agenda items or other pertinent topics. However, no speakers approached the podium, underscoring the efficiency of the proceedings.

Commissioner Sullivan raised concerns about the condition of a baseball field, highlighting a safety hazard that warranted attention. Additionally, he proposed involving Mr. Civitelli in the county’s disadvantaged transportation program, signaling a proactive approach to addressing community needs.

Commissioner O’Brien extended appreciation to Mr. Civitelli for his presence and congratulated him on his appointment, setting the stage for constructive collaboration and engagement. The commissioners unanimously approved the consent agenda items, with Mr. Civitelli’s presence duly acknowledged.

Subsequently, the meeting delved into general business, with a quasi-judicial item concerning the approval of a final plat for a subdivision taking center stage. The commissioners, after due deliberation, unanimously approved the final plat for the Garden Side Phase One at Ormond Station, underscoring their commitment to responsible development and adherence to regulatory requirements.

The discussion then transitioned to the consideration of a perpetual easement agreement between Flagler County and the Ocean Hammock Property Owners Association for beach restoration and maintenance, a critical step in preserving the county’s shoreline ecosystems and enhancing resilience against coastal hazards.

County Attorney Mr. Dean provided historical context and underscored the significance of community partnerships in achieving shared conservation goals, setting the stage for the commissioners to deliberate on the proposed easement agreement, which ultimately received unanimous approval.

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