Helping Our Kids at “Our House” in Flagler County

Supt Ribbon Cutting

For nearly 15 years, the Our House Resource Center in Bunnell has served as a vital community resource for those who call the county seat of Flagler County home. This week, Flagler Schools and the Flagler County Education Foundation helped play an important role in keeping Our House an important part in our children’s lives. 

This Valentine’s Day, Flagler Schools Superintendent LaShakia Moore and Flagler County Education Foundation Executive Director Teresa Rizzo, along with others from Our House and from within the community, helped cut the ribbon on the rededication of the 502 South Bacher Street facility.

Supt Childs Play

With more than 13,000 students enrolled in Flagler Schools, the odds are good that you will run across students in every grade that have spent time at Our House. Administered by the Flagler County Housing Authority, Our House primarily serves as an after-care facility for children after the school day wraps up.

“Seeing a need that we could help with, a need that will directly help our children, was all we needed to know,” Superintendent Moore said. “Making sure they succeed improves the chances of our children succeeding in our schools, then in life.”

Flagler Schools provided 10 tablet computers, complete with a wall mounted lock box – charging station. The Flagler County Education Foundation provided goody bags for the special day, including books, arts and crafts supplies and treats. Throughout the year, the foundation additionally helps children and families by supporting educational programs across the county.

“We serve a couple of dozen kids each afternoon, but we also put a focus on our families each week, too,” Our House ROSS Service Coordinator Jacki Garcia said. “We also offer computer stations adults can use to help apply for government services, job openings and even take online courses to help prepare for the G.E.D.®” A referral from Our House will also allow you to register for those courses at a discounted rate.

Open Monday through Friday throughout the year, Our House also provides snacks to its after school students, as well as breakfast and lunch for children throughout the summer.

For more information, you can call Our House at 386-586-3681. 

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