City Council Takes Decisive Action to Address Residential Drainage Concerns

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Following the City Council’s directive, city staff have been hard at work addressing drainage issues in our community. During the City Council Workshop Meeting on February 13th, a presentation update was provided by the Stormwater & Engineering Department, detailing efforts such as gathering infill lot facts, updating technical manuals, identifying funding sources, and recommendation to establish a Citizen Advisory Committee to address residential drainage.

The presentation update highlights the formation of a Task Force comprising city staff top leadership from stormwater operations, engineering, and chief building officials. This Task Force meets weekly to discuss cases and provide updates to the City Council. The analysis of infill lots conducted by the Task Force has led to actionable insights and mitigation strategies for various concerns identified.

Also in response to the council’s directive, a resolution has been drafted for the formation of a Citizen Advisory Committee, comprising five to nine members appointed by the City Council, with the possibility of additional members possessing relevant expertise, and one City staff member appointed by the City Manager and approved by City Council. The committee will initially meet monthly, adhering to Roberts Rules of Order, with flexibility in meeting frequency as required, focusing on collaborative problem-solving and proactive measures to address flooding concerns within the community.

Once established, this committee will research resolutions, identify funding sources, and provide regular reports to the City Council. City Council will be presented the final resolution to form the committee at the February 20th Business Meeting.  After the resolution is adopted, interested individuals will be able to obtain application forms for membership at the City Clerk’s office.

City staff will also collaborate with the Citizen Advisory Committee on potential mitigation strategies and grant opportunities. This initiative underscores Palm Coast’s commitment to prioritizing residents’ safety and well-being, representing a significant step forward in addressing flooding comprehensively and effectively.

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