Local Woman Starts Plant Group; Now Holds Plant Meet/Swap Every Few Months


Ashley Traurig has a plant swap every other month this was the 4th plant swap. When she was a little girl she had a grandma who had loved plants. Then she started to get interested in them.

When she was about 18 she had started playing with plants, and by 25 she became a collector. She likes to collect plants, she loves them, it is a big passion of hers. When she was around 18 she started to collect the leafy types of plants but also has other kinds.

She started the plant swap 3 years ago in 2021 around March. Her group had 300 people but then she got to 500 people. Her group kicked off when she had 1000 member in her group. She was doing a raffle today on a rare plant.

There are station in the area u have a donation area and that same area is where you get free plants. There is a trading station were you trade some plant you already have to get more you don’t have. People there can tell you lots about there plants.

She loves to give plants to people, “Take more than one I don’t want to come home with plant but it’s always good if I do.” She likes to look and see all of the plants people bring.

By Elena Hagi

Elena Hagi is a Flagler County Homeschool student who loves to be involved in the community, volunteers as a Junior Amvet Officer, as well as aspires to learn more about photography, videography and writing.

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