Flagler Warrior Hannah Jankowski Sits Down with Junior Editor to Tell Her Childhood Cancer Story


Hanna had a tumor growing in her knee; she found out about it when she was 14. At the time she was very active and it was hard for her to stay off her knee. It was stressful for her being ill, losing her hair, and seeing all her friends fine when she is struggling. When she knew there was a treatment she was kind of scared because there was so much that could happen; but she was happy that she would feel better.

She said that, “You should try to stay heathy, listen to your doctor and if anything is wrong you should go to your doctor right away not wait for it to get worse.” It’s important that after you have dealt with cancer you be with your friends and family, do not isolate yourself. “Be as active as you can be because there is life after cancer,” Hannah continued.


When the Live Like Cameron started up, she was pretty much out of treatment, but they still involved her. She is involved in everything they do, she is even in the calendar and the events sometimes. She had open heart surgery to remove some cancer and they gave her a bag of hope.

They also provided her with things to help her when she was in the hospital. “Live Like Camron and The Flagler warrior community is great,” she said. They take all of the cancer patients under their wing and help them make sure they don’t need anything.

She helps the Flagler warrior community like participating in the events and she also donates. She helps wrap presents that Live Like Cameron collects for Christmas and does events, family dinners, and raffles baskets to earn money for Live Like Cameron. “Childhood cancer is becoming a big thing you don’t really understand how cancer is unless its you or a loved one who has it,” Hannah told us.

By Elena Hagi

Elena Hagi is a Flagler County Homeschool student who loves to be involved in the community, volunteers as a Junior Amvet Officer, as well as aspires to learn more about photography, videography and writing.

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