Tuesday, January 9: Windy Day With Potentially Strong Storms This Evening

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Mother Nature has produced a large, vigorous storm affecting the eastern United States that will bring impacts to Flagler County with windy conditions and a higher-than-average risk for severe weather.

“A windy day followed by a stormy evening is expected for Flagler County today,” said Flagler County Emergency Management Director Jonathan Lord. “Currently, we expect sustained winds in the teens this morning, increasing to 28 mph in the afternoon with gusts around 40 mph in advance of an expected line of storms this evening that, at times, will be severe.”

A powerful line of brief but intense storms will push through Flagler County starting at some point between 4 and 6 p.m. Tuesday that have a high risk of producing wind gusts of 60 to 80 mph. There is also a medium risk of tornadoes and a low risk of hail.

“Tornadoes can spin up rapidly with some storms,” Lord said. “Have a way to get warnings, such as signing up for ALERTFlagler, and know what to do should warnings be issued. The safest place is in a small interior room of a well-built building.”

Remember the difference between “watch” and “warning.” A “watch” means that severe weather is possible. A “warning” means that the weather is coming, and shelter should be sought quickly as storms are fast moving.

This morning, loose outdoor items should be secured so they do not become wind-blown projectiles. Sign up for emergency notifications at www.FlaglerCounty.gov/AlertFlagler.

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