Flagler County Emergency Management hosts ‘Collaboration Workshop’ with Florida counties, FDEM


 Emergency management directors from the majority of Florida counties and the Florida Division of Emergency Management spent the better part of two days at the Flagler County Emergency Operations Center for a County-State Collaboration Workshop to discuss the hot topics within their profession.

“It is exciting to host my peers from across the state for this first-of-its-kind event,” said Emergency Management Director Jonathan Lord. “I’m also proud to have an opportunity to show off our county to those who are not familiar with Flagler County.”

The kick-off began Wednesday with a day filled with discussion topics that are critical to Emergency Management and disaster response and recovery. Those topics included: Catastrophic Event Expectations; Mutual Aid; Statewide Technology and Long-Term Funding; the Statewide Shelter Plan; the Florida Qualification System for Emergency Managers; Mitigation & Resiliency; and Grants Management.

The workshop concluded Thursday with discussions on the following topics: Statewide Training and County Emergency Management Director Standards; Healthcare Emergency Plans; and additional Leadership and Legislative Priorities.

“The Polk County Emergency Management Director Paul Womble and my team helped coordinate this event,” Lord said. “Topic suggestions came from many other county emergency management directors. The Flagler County Tourism Office (Palm Coast and the Flagler Beaches) team helped make connections with local restaurants and hotels for our visitors.”

In addition to Flagler County and the Florida Division of Emergency Management (more than a dozen plus FDEM Director Kevin Guthrie), about two-thirds of county emergency management directors across the state of Florida, or their designees, participated in the workshop.

“We have a deep appreciation and gratitude for Director Guthrie and what he has accomplished at the state level that benefits Flagler and all Florida counties,” said County Administrator Heidi Petito. “That dedication and shared commitment to safeguarding our communities is evident in that he and his staff traveled from Tallahassee to collaborate with the emergency managers who assembled here. Director Guthrie reminded us that together we can weather the storms and emerge stronger.”

By Julie Murphy

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