Mayoral Candidate Peter Johnson Talks C-Section Canals, Growth, Infrastructure and More

Peter Johnson Palm Coast Mayoral Candidate

Peter Johnson, a C-Section resident of Palm Coast, is running for the seat of Mayor on the City Council this coming year.  We had the opportunity to sit down with him and discuss the some of the common issues residents bring up at city meetings. We started off with an issue that pertains to Johnson and his mother, as they live in the C-Section, the salt water canals and their need to be dredged.

Johnson started off by explaining how the canals, both salt and freshwater, are a huge asset to Palm Coast and this asset is why we don’t typically see the same level of flooding that Daytona and St. Augustine sees.  Johnson also went on to talk about how the canals, specifically the salt water canals, are in desperate need for maintenance, but we don’t have the money for the project. He talked about how, “I’m quoting Taylor engineering, but they said there could be grants for dredging and maintenance of the canals based on water quality. We are one of the only areas that currently doesn’t have a ban on fertilizers, pest chemicals during our rainy seasons. I guarantee that we would get grant money based on the water quality because I see these companies come out and spray all these chemicals and then three to four hours later there is a downpour and all of that water is now running into the canals.” He continued on to explain that this is a situation with no easy way to handle it due to the fact that the canals have not ever been maintained and there has never been nor is there currently a line item in the budget for the saltwater canals.

While discussing the canals and the potential issues that the city has with those, we wanted to hear his opinions that many areas in Palm Coast are facing, flooding in the swales, roads and yards. “You can’t just throw all of the services towards the new builds and forget about the existing residents. Some of these areas haven’t been graded and on either side the water is standing. It is unacceptable that the city cannot address the issue of standing water in the swales,” Johnson told us. He continued, “I understand that these things cost money and we only have limited man power, but when you task the swale team with taking care of the new houses and developments it takes away from the maintenance of the current residents.”

We wanted to know how Johnson plans to balance growth with maintaining infrastructure should he be elected to the office of Mayor of Palm Coast. “This current council has approved nine thousand housing units alone this year. I have yet to see why the city can’t take the simple step of maybe adjusting the code to making it a minimum per acre,” Johnson told us. He continued on to discuss commercial and business and explained his stance that Palm Coast, “Doesn’t have the stomach for big industry like Amazon, but residents want mom and pop businesses, with things they want to do.”

We asked what he felt his qualifications are for this office. “I will be honest I have not ever handled a $300 million dollar budget, and I think that qualifies me. I think my lack of experience in the political office qualifies me. Being younger is a sign of hope for the future,” Johnson stated.

Johnson stated that the City needs,”A fresh set of eyes, and as a 30 year old resident of Palm Coast, I can provide that perspective.” He continued on, “Focusing on the current needs of the residents is what needs to happen.”

To find out more about Peter Johnson and his platform you can find him here.

By Krys DeWind

Krys DeWind has been a Flagler County resident since 2016. She is active in her community and is always looking for ways to better it. She has a community first attitude which is one of the central founding ideals of the Flagler County Buzz.

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