Florida Association of Counties to display Flagler County photo in Tallahassee office during legislative session


 Photographers did their job to showcase the beauty of Flagler County with scores of submissions for the Florida Association of Counties (FAC) 2024 calendar contest. And while the results of the competition will not be announced for “a couple of weeks,” the county was notified Thursday that one of the photos will be displayed in the organization’s Tallahassee office for the upcoming legislative session.

“During Florida’s legislative session, FAC chooses certain photos to display on the windows of our office in Tallahassee to show off Florida’s counties,” said FAC Communications Coordinator Krista Sinibaldi. “Out of the 582 photos submitted, we chose to display the photo submitted on behalf of Patti Swenson and Flagler County!”

This year’s theme was “Skylines of the Sunshine State” – a challenging theme for a county with more Old Florida charm than the urban cityscapes that come to mind with the word skylines.

“We know we have a lot of great photographers here in Flagler County,” said Administrator Heidi Petito. “Here’s a big shoutout to Patti Swenson whose artistic abilities could not be overlooked. This stunning shot not only captures the beauty of our community but also showcases the incredible talent we have right here at home. We can’t wait to enjoy this wonderful image in Tallahassee during legislative session. Kudos to our resident photographer!”

FAC posted a photo of its display (attached) Thursday on its social media platforms.

“The calendar winners will be announced in a couple of weeks, stay tuned,” Sinibaldi said.

By Julie Murphy

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