Department of Education Report on the Bunnell Elementary Assembly

Bunnell Elementary School

Earlier this month, the Department of Education conducted an investigation on the assemblies that took place at Bunnell Elementary.  During that investigation teachers, and former principal Donelle Evensen were interviewed. The investigation looked into both Mr. Hines, the 5th grade teacher who held and planned the assemblies, and into Donelle Evensen, who was the principal of Bunnell Elementary at the time.

The investigation covered a wide range of questions including what prompted the the events leading up to the assemblies, the assemblies themselves, and who was involved in the planning of and implementation of the assemblies.

Mr. Hines did in fact admit to going off script and talking about things that were not approved by Evensen, while she was principal of the school. The entire report on Mr. Hines can be viewed here: A Hines – Investigation Report 09182023. The entire report on Donelle Evensen can be viewed here: D Evensen – Investigation Report 09182023.

By Krys DeWind

Krys DeWind has been a Flagler County resident since 2016. She is active in her community and is always looking for ways to better it. She has a community first attitude which is one of the central founding ideals of the Flagler County Buzz.

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