New Business, Quantum Leap, Brings Alternative Health and Wellness to Palm Coast

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Quantum Leap is a new business here in Palm Coast Florida that offers an alternative to health and wellness. Quantum Leap offers services unlike any other local business in the city or county.

Quantum Leap is, “a state of the art wellness center, offering an energy enhancement system, or EEC. Which is a series of computer monitors that emit scalar waves which move at three times the speed of light.”  Todd Steward continued on to tell us how this system helps to recharge the cells of the human body.

Quantum Leap Wellness room with monitors emitting scalar waves
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Todd told us how his wife is the one who discovered the EEC systems, through an app called Telegram. Over the last two years Todd and Sara researched the technology before they decided to get involved.

The EEC system that The Stewards use at Quantum Leap was invented by a Dr. Sandra Rose Michael in 1978.

Todd told us how they are very big into holistic and natural medicine and that neither of them are big fans of Western medicine. “We wanted to teach people that there is a way to help them get better without having to be so reliant on traditional techniques,” Todd told us.

Computer monitors emitting Scalar waves
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Steward went on to explain how the technology in their wellness center is completely safe and helps ‘detoxify’ the body of pollutants that people come into contact with throughout their daily lives.

We talked about challenges that the Stewards might be facing as they continue on with this newest business. Steward talked about how education is going to the be biggest hurdle they face. Trying to educate people on what the wellness center offers and how the system works. Because of that challenge, the Stewards plan on doing regular open houses where people can come in and try it for a short session for free.


By Krys DeWind

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