Rock & Walk: Honoring Lives, Spreading Awareness, and Providing Hope for Child Loss

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The Palm Coast Rock and Walk sponsored by the Florida Chapter of The TEARS Foundation will be held on October 8th at 4 pm at Central Park at Town Center. Participants can sign up prior to the walk here: here or you can sign up the day of the walk in person.

The heart of the Rock & Walk is to let bereaved families know they are not alone. It strives to build awareness about pregnancy, infant, & child loss by bringing the community together to support these families. As participants rock in chairs or walk laps together, they honor the children whose names appear on butterflies lining the path and are reminded that hope can be found. The Rock and Walk celebrates their lives by coming together as a community and rallying around these families who have suffered loss.

The purpose of the Rock and Walk is to spread awareness to the community. When a parent loses a child, often times they don’t know where to turn for guidance. Their long term goal is to open a Child Loss Center in order to provide a safe space for parents to go to for resources in dealing with child loss.

Event organizer Tiffany Grimes says, “Every walk is memorable. You laugh, you cry and you grieve. But ultimately, you get to be surrounded by a community that has experienced something similar and you get to honor your child. We want to let the child loss community know that they are not alone and there is financial and emotional help for them. If this walk can help one person feel heard and help someone grieve, then I have done what I have set out to do. I want child loss to be less of a tabu subject and provide the opportunity for others to grieve properly. No one should have to suffer alone.”

By Kim Hunt

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