Transforming Lives: Dorothy Currie’s Impact as a Flagler County Guardian ad Litem Volunteer

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For an impressive span of sixteen years, Dorothy Currie has dedicated her time and passion to being a Guardian ad Litem volunteer in Flagler County. Her remarkable journey took her on a mission to advocate for countless children, including one special individual named Dalton, both within and beyond the confines of dependency court.

In the unfortunate turn of events, Dalton found himself placed in foster care in February 2021, through circumstances entirely beyond his control. Before this pivotal change, Dalton’s life had been marked by significant challenges. He had been distanced from in-person schooling for several years, seldom venturing outside his home, and his circle of friends consisted solely of individuals he encountered on online gaming platforms.

However, since his transition to foster care, Dalton’s life has undergone a remarkable transformation. He has enthusiastically embraced his educational journey, delving into subjects like US History, Contemporary Literature Honors, Marine Science, Digital Information Technology, Music Theatre, Geography, TV Production, and English. Dalton’s academic fervor is evident in his impressive GPA of 3.8, and he now fervently expresses his love for attending school. In fact, he voluntarily opted for school courses even during the summer break, underscoring that school has become his sanctuary.

But Dalton’s story doesn’t end there. He has become an active participant in various school clubs, displaying a newfound confidence and enthusiasm. His talent has shone brightly as he recently auditioned for his school’s play and secured a singing role with a solo performance. His remarkable achievement drew an appreciative audience, with all residents and staff from his foster home attending his play.

In a touching testament to the profound impact of Dorothy Currie’s role as a Guardian ad Litem volunteer, Dalton’s Child Behavioral Health Assessment (CBHA) asked him whom he would turn to if he needed someone to talk to. His response was heartfelt and unequivocal: “My Guardian ad Litem.”

This heartwarming success story is a testament to the incredible work carried out by Dorothy Currie, who has steadfastly stood by the sides of over one hundred dependent children in Flagler County. Her commitment to making a difference in their lives is truly commendable.

The need for individuals like Dorothy Currie continues to be paramount in shaping the lives of the children within our community. If you’re inspired by Dorothy’s journey and wish to explore how you can become a Guardian ad Litem Volunteer, we invite you to learn more by visiting Your dedication can be the turning point in a child’s life, just as Dorothy has been for Dalton and many others.

By Kim Hunt

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