Tropics Become Active – Follow Flagler County Emergency Management on Social Media to Stay Up To Date

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The tropics are teeming with disturbances and hurricanes and while none are currently posing a threat to Flagler County, residents are encouraged to like and follow FlaglerEOC on social media as a vital part of staying informed.
Even those who are not social media users can view Emergency Management’s latest updates by visiting:
“It’s part of our mantra,” said Emergency Management Director Jonathan Lord. “Always have preparedness measures in place, and make sure you are accessing accurate, verified information.”
Currently, there are three tropical cyclones and two additional areas being monitored and likely to become depressions within seven days.
Basic disaster preparedness steps include:
  • Build a disaster supply kit – that contains food, water, medications, flashlights and batteries, and clothing to live “off the grid” for a full seven (7) days.
    • Take advantage of the upcoming Disaster Supply Sales Tax Holiday from Saturday, August 26 through Friday, September 8.
  • Make a plan – that includes home or business structural preparation, where to stay if evacuated (shelters will open but staying with friends or family or in a hotel should be considered first), how to communicate with loved ones, consideration of any special needs that should be addressed.
  • Be informed – sign up for emergency notifications at, and have a battery powered AM/FM radio, as well as following Flagler EOC on social media.
  • Get involved – register for Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training and by going to and selecting “Volunteering & Training.”
Remember, the peak of the North Atlantic Hurricane Season is still ahead, and the season runs until the end of November.
“As we enter the most active part of the season, we want to remind everyone that storms can just ‘pop up’ sometimes, so this is a good time to think about preparedness,” Lord said. “The tropics are capable of changing very rapidly and dramatically, so please stay informed.”
For more information about emergency preparedness, please visit or call 386-313-4200 during normal business hours.
By Julie Murphy

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