City of Palm Coast Plans for Major Traffic Improvements Along Matanzas Woods Parkway

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The City of Palm Coast has recently taken a significant step towards improving traffic flow and road safety on Matanzas Woods Parkway by approving the purchase of three undeveloped parcels of land, with a fourth pending, that can be used to realign Luther Drive with Bird of Paradise Drive. This strategic initiative aims to improve safety for drivers as well as enhance traffic flow in the area.

The parcels of land include 6 Ludlow Ln E, 264 Bird of Paradise Dr, and 266 Bird of Paradise Dr. The purchase of 8 Ludlow Ln E will be presented for approval by City Council at the July 11th Business Meeting. The current T-intersection of Matanzas Woods Parkway and Bird of Paradise Drive will become a four-way intersection with Luther Dr.

The City is aware of an ongoing need for traffic alleviation as the community continues to grow, and the current T-intersection has been an increasing cause for resident concerns about congestion and road safety. The City is committed to proactively addressing the issue and creating a safer and more efficient road system for drivers.

During the presentation at the City Council Workshop Meeting on June 13th, Director of Stormwater and Engineering Carl Cote referenced the likely need to expand Matanzas Woods Parkway to a four-lane highway in the future and explained that planning for the expansion of the roadway ahead of time will help to deter future expenses.

The roadway expansion will also include the safety benefits of improved visibility and a clearer line of sight for drivers. Converting the section of the road to a four-way intersection will pave the way for the future installation of a traffic light to enhance the management of the increasing traffic volume.

By purchasing the properties before development, the City will save exponentially on construction costs that would have been required for property clearance. “I just want to commend you all on looking ahead at our infrastructure and traffic needs. I know traffic is starting to become more and more of an issue as we grow so I commend you guys on looking ahead and trying to keep our costs down by purchasing this land before it’s developed on,” Council Member Theresa Pontieri commented on the presentation on June13th.

The project is one of many aimed at improving infrastructure and safety in Palm Coast. Matanzas Woods Parkway is also the first of five arterial roadways scheduled for resurfacing. For more information visit:

The City of Palm Coast remains firmly committed to maintaining a high quality of life for residents and meeting the evolving needs of the community while building a safe and sustainable City for generations to come.

By Kim Hunt

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