City of Palm Coast Receives $54 Million in State Funding for Critical Projects

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Palm Coast Mayor David Alfin announced on Tuesday morning that the City of Palm Coast has secured significant state appropriations following the successful conclusion of the legislative delegation’s session. The City’s tireless advocacy efforts have resulted in substantial funding that will greatly benefit the community and enhance the quality of life for its residents.

Palm Coast will receive an unprecedented total of $54.55 million in state appropriations, thanks in large part to state representatives, City staff, and lobbyists who tirelessly championed City Council priorities to advance specific crucial projects that will address economic, transportation, and public safety initiatives.

The major areas of investment from the state appropriations include:

Economic Expansion: A substantial portion of the funds, $25 million, will be dedicated to expanding transportation access to the Palm Coast municipal boundaries west of the railroad tracks, specifically at Matanzas Woods Parkway. This investment will facilitate the construction of essential infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and utilities, effectively unlocking access to a vast expanse of previously inaccessible land within the City limits. By doing so, this initiative will create new economic opportunities not only for Palm Coast but also for the entire Flagler County community.

Transportation Improvements: The state appropriations have also designated $23.3 million to finance vital transportation initiatives across the City of Palm Coast. A large portion of these funds, $18.3 million, will be allocated to advance Phase II of the Old Kings Road North Widening Project. As the City’s highest-ranked transportation project, the widening of Old Kings Road began in 2009 with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). Following the completion of Phase 1 in 2021, which received funding from FDOT in 2019, the expansion of this crucial thoroughfare to four lanes will further alleviate traffic congestion, benefiting the community at large.

In addition to the road widening project, the state appropriations will address traffic safety concerns in other areas. Specifically, $4.5 million will be allocated for traffic and safety improvements along Belle Terre Parkway, spanning from Royal Palms Parkway to Whiteview Parkway. Further, a comprehensive traffic study of the Old Kings Road south corridor will be conducted with $500,000 of state funding. These additional investments in traffic safety and planning demonstrate the commitment of the state and the City of Palm Coast to improving transportation infrastructure and ensuring the well-being of its residents.

Public Safety Enhancements: Underscoring the paramount importance of public safety, the City of Palm Coast will construct a new fire station in the Seminole Woods area. Utilizing $5 million from the state, Station #26 is a critically needed facility to address the growing needs on the southern side of our community. Establishing a new fire station addresses the increasing population and exemplifies the City’s unwavering dedication to validating safety and security for its residents.

Flood Protection Upgrades: The City will receive $1.25 million to enhance flood protection measures by replacing a major structure south of Belle Terre Parkway and Whiteview Parkway. The funding will be utilized to demolish the ageing structure and rebuild a state-of-the-art weir that meets upgraded specifications. This proactive investment in resilient infrastructure aligns with Palm Coast’s commitment to safeguarding residents, protecting properties, and ensuring long-term sustainability.

Mayor David Alfin expressed his gratitude to the legislative delegation for their steadfast support and commitment to addressing the needs of Palm Coast. “These state appropriations represent a significant milestone for our City. They will enable us to address critical infrastructure requirements, begin expansion into the western boundaries of the City, protect our citizens with increased flood protection, enhance public safety, and strengthen our community bonds. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our dedicated representatives, especially House Speaker Renner, Senator Hutson, and Governor DeSantis, for recognizing the importance of Palm Coast’s growth and well-being.”

The City of Palm Coast looks forward to efficiently utilizing these state appropriations to achieve its goals and ensure a prosperous future for its residents. City Staff remains committed to collaborating with state officials and stakeholders to make Palm Coast a vibrant and sustainable community for all.

By Kim Hunt

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