City Council Workshop Meeting Recap for June 20, 2023

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The City Council Workshop Meeting was held on Tuesday, June 20 at 9 am at City Hall.

The meeting opened up with public comments. Carole Brasfield opened the public commentary by stating that she had been the victim of an aggressive and unprovoked dog attack on the evening of June 3. In addition to injuring her, the dog also took the life of her pet chihuahua.  She stated that the dog had attacked her and her dog while on a walk through the neighborhood that she had been walking daily for over four years. The pit bull came charging out from an undeveloped lot with no leash and no muzzle. Carole screamed for help and neighbors came to assist her and to remove the chihuahua from the jaws of the pit bull. She called 911 and the Deputy took photos of her and the dog. Paramedics advised her to seek medical attention for her injuries. Palm Coast Animal Control visited Carole and she stated the Animal Control worker did not introduce themselves, interview her, or take any photos. It was later made known that the Animal Control worker had previous history with the pit bull and another vicious attack on a corgi. She argued with Carole that the pit bull had a muzzle on. Carole assured her that the dog was not muzzled. Carole talked with the owners of the previous dog that had been attacked and was told by the Animal Control worker that she should not be taking to them or her neighbors regarding the dog because they were lying. She ended her commentary with asking for the Animal Control worker and the pit bull owners be held accountable for their actions during this incident.

Robert McDonald also approached the podium with a public statement. He wanted to know why he had been denied the opportunity to open a hot dog stand when other roadside vendors were allowed to sell their goods. He stated that a van selling watermelons was set up on Royal Palms Parkway.  He also wanted to thank the city for allowing a moment of silence to remember the victims of the Pulse night club shooting.

George Mayo took the opportunity to share his public statement regarding Senate Bill 540 and Senate Bill 102 recently passing. He thanked Paul Renner for his help with Flagler County but wants to know why everyone is voting for preemption on what can and cannot be allowed to be built in the city. He encouraged the council to look into the matter. He also requested that public restrooms around the community that are not compliant with ADA (Americans With Disabilities) toilet bowl heights, which are 17-19 inches, be made compliant. He urged that any future installations of toilets in public restrooms meet those requirements.

When public commentary was closed, Vice Mayor Ed Danko asked to speak regarding the dog attack and was almost instantly shut down by Mayor Alfin as he stated that all of the facts were not presented and he wanted to wait until a later date to continue the discussion once the investigation was complete.

Mayor Alfin went off script while taking advantage of public comment to recognize the city workers who helped aid in Palm Coast being awarded $54 million in state funding for critical projects. He read the press release, which can be found here.

Following the reading of the press release,  Mayor Alfin presented the following proclamations: July 2024 as Parks & Recreation Month, July 2023 as Christmas Come True Month. He also presented a Distinguished Budget Award to the Government Finance Officers Association.

Once the proclamations and award were completed, a representative from BerryDunn presented the Master Plan Finding Summary from the recent parks and recreation survey.

Ordinances read were adopting processes and procedures for recall, citizen initiative, and referendum, providing procedures for petition and organizing a political committee, approving a work order with England, Thims & Miller, Inc., for engineering services for the Matanzas Woods Parkway to Palm Coast Connector Roadway, approving a contract with JBrown Professional Group Inc. for planning services to update the comprehensive plan, approving a land purchase agreement with the property owners of 6 Ludlow Lane E for future roadway uses, approving a land purchase agreement with the property owner of 264 Bird of Paradise Drive for future roadway uses, and approving a land purchase agreement with the property owners of 266 Bird of Paradise Drive for future roadway uses.

By Kim Hunt

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